Do You Feel Like Your Credit Score Is Holding You Back 
From Getting The Loan or Mortgage That’s Right For You?

Its Time to fix your credit, to fund your dreams


Do You Want To Know How To Rebuild Your Credit Score

That allows access to loans, lines of credit, mortgages and other services that require good credit

Do You Want To Access Higher Credit Limits

Allowing yourself, your family and your business to fund your dreams and prosper

Do You Want To Stop Paying High Interest Fee's

Do you want to Stop paying double rates on loans, car payments, insurance premiums, mortgages

Are you sick of seeing “Sorry, we do not lend to people with bad credit” when applying for a loan online? If so, then we are here to help.

Industry-Leading Credit Repair Experts and Co-authors of The Psychology of Credit Marvin Smith and his wife, Gloria, have used their knowledge to impact thousands around the globe to repair their credit and get their lives back on track financially. 

They are now teaching others how they can do it, too in the Fix My Credit 3-Day Masterclass

The 3-Day Masterclasses' purpose is to help you take back control and rebuild your credit score. 

Allowing you access high lines of credits that could have otherwise been out of reach for years! 

You'll even be able to make more life-changing purchases, whether that be a new home or new car, and even starting the business, you have always dreamed of opening

Just Take a Look What a Few of Our Previous Clients Have To Say.


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During The LIVE Fix My Credit Masterclass Were Going To Show You How To

Eliminate collections and other negative items from your credit report. (Many have seen almost instant boosts of over 100+

Learn the EASIEST formula to use our Dispute System that has helped our clients to take their credit from 500 to 700 in a short period of time.

Discover how to unlock higher credit limits and increase your purchasing power

Take control of your credit and give yourself a fresh start in life.

Rebuild your credit so it's borrower-friendly again! So you don't hear “Sorry, we do not lend to people with bad credit” again.

Generate far more deletions than other more traditional credit strategies. It's quick, effective and easy to understand.

VIP Upgrade Admission


Receive everything included with General Admission PLUS the bonuses below

  • Do It Yourself Credit Repair Trainings Ready to kickstart your credit TODAY, Get access to over 3 hours of in-depth trainings that will walk you step by step to fixing your credit like a pro [$297 Value]
  • Lifetime Replay Access Every day is going to be packed with knowledge from America's No#1 Credit Repair Coaches. Get access to lifetime replays...Just one piece has the possibility to fix your credit so you can fund your dreams.
  • Audio & Digital Book Get access to the Amazon Best Selling book the Psychology of Credit Included with your VIP Upgrade
  • FREE Credit Analysis Our Team of highly trained experts will be on hand to give you a personalised Credit Analysis to uncover how to quickly boost your credit score giving you access to funding that may of otherwise been out of reach 


DAY #1: Monday October 25th

DAY #1

The first step in building your credit is understanding the hidden factors that may impact it so we can begin enhancing your score to Increase purchasing power. 
The good news is you don't just have to live with bad credit; using our dispute system can help improve it quickly!
The future is yours. You have the power to shape it and mold it into whatever you want; starting with your credit and Day#1, we will show you how.

DAY #2

Ever wonder what the best ways to rebuild your credit after something has gone wrong? 
There are multiple ways, but one of the most important is through dispute techniques.

Today we will be determining how to and what items can be disputed to rebuild your credit. 

DAY #1: Tuesday October 26th

Ever wonder what the best ways to rebuild your credit after something has gone wrong? 
There are multiple ways, but one of the most important is through dispute techniques.

Today we will be determining how to and what items can be disputed to rebuild your credit. 

DAY #3: Wednesday October 27th

DAY #3

If you want to have more lending options and lower monthly payments on your credit card bills, you won't want to miss Day#3.
What we are going to reveal has allowed our clients to get access to loans that were previously unavailable and even lowered their payments on what they currently had.
These techniques have helped thousands of our clients to raise their credit score, and they can help you too! 


Building Your Credit Is One Of The Most Important, And Maybe The Most Misunderstand Topics You Could Know. But We're Uncovering The Truth During This Exclusive 3-Day Masterclass

100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you don't think that we've delivered value, we will give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee and you get to keep all the bonuses

Questions you might want to know (faq)

When does the Fix My Credit Masterclass begin?

The Masterclass Begins on October 25th and runs until the October 27th with each of the daily trainings being filmed LIVE

What If I can’t make it to one of the live trainings will I be able to access the replay?

Yes, each of the daily trainings will be viable for 24 hours after each call. Fast Track Credit Fix Members will also receive receive lifetime access to the recordings 

How long are the daily trainings?

Each of the daily trainings are an action packed 60 minutes but Marvin + Gloria will stick around afterwards to answer any of your questions

Will this work for me If I have never disputed my credit report before or have any experience doing this

YES! "This masterclass will help give clarity on how and what to dispute while removing any limiting beliefs you may have that's affecting you from improving your credit

Will this system work for other types of credit bureaus beside Equifax, Transunion and Experian?

YES! It works for other Consumer Disclosure reports.

What if I don't have any formal borrowing experience should I join you in this Masterclass?

YES! Marvin + Gloria have helped thousands of people raise their credit scores 

I can't write letters very good, should I still do this Masterclass

Absolutely, we will also be providing you with letter templates!

Will this work for me if I don't have a lot of negative items?

YES! You can also learn how to build your credit report even if you don’t have credit!

What type of people usually do this Masterclass? Is it ONLY business owners?

You do not need to be a business owner or an entrepreneur!! The major thing that most people in the Masterclass have in common is a desire to improve their credit reports and raise their scores. Most that take their Masterclass want to buy a house or a car while removing the burden of bad credit.

My credit is not Super bad. But I do need some pointers. Should I still attend this Masterclass?

Yes, the best time to start is YESTERDAY when it comes to improving credit, Marvin & Gloria have truly helped thousands of people all over the country.

Meet Your Credit Mentor’s

Marvin and Gloria Smith are two of the best credit experts in America.
Combined they have helped thousands of entrepreneurs, first-time homebuyers, and small businesses to raise their credit scores and take back control over their financial future.

Together they've been featured on hundreds of media outlets, including WGN-TV, PBS, ABC, NBC, 11Alive, AZTV, and CBS to name a few.
This power couple dedicates their expertise and passion to helping people improve their lives with better financial credit.
Fixing your credit can have an incredible impact on your life
You can't go your whole life living in debt and not expect to negatively impact other areas like relationships, health, and work performance!
Take this opportunity seriously so we can help get those numbers looking better than ever before
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